ANNOUNCEMENT:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, in effort to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the spread of coronavirus, I am able to offer you psychotherapeutic services via TeleMental Health. Please inquire.


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Dr.  Farrell has over 40 years of experience working in the fields of mental and behavioral health, substance abuse and addictions, physical and medical rehabilitation, industrial and vocational rehabilitation, and complementary and alternative therapies. In addition, she has worked as a university educator for over 16 years, teaching graduate courses in clinical mental health counseling and psychosocial occupational therapy. She established her private counseling practice in 2011.

The word “recourse” is defined as “a source of help in a difficult situation.” During it’s first business iteration, the business acronym “RECOARSE” stood for “Recovery-Oriented Assessment & Rehabilitation Services for Employment”. In 2016, the company evolved from a “services provided on location” business venture to a “brick and mortar” private counseling practice. The acronym was preserved and became a part of the business name today, RECOARSE Counseling, PLLC. The DBA is RECOARSE Integrative Therapies.

RECOARSE Counseling, PLLC offers clinical mental health counseling services with specializations in:  1) addictions counseling 2) trauma counseling and 3) alcohol and drug counseling. The practice also provides general psychotherapeutic counseling services.

RECOARSE Integrative Therapies offers complementary and alternative therapies that promote holistic health and wellness and complement traditional psychotherapeutic services.

The office environment provides spacious and comfortable surroundings that can accommodate the needs of individual, family, therapeutic groups, and group training events.

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